There is a logical, linear order to this book but following it is optional. We invite you to read it in a way that best suits your needs and curiosity.

Perhaps, like many of our friends, you are intrigued by the possibility that business can be a source of healing and abundance for all its stakeholders but you’re skeptical about whether that’s really possible. If so, you may wish to begin by going straight to Part 2, where you will be inspired and amazed by the compelling, uplifting stories of companies that are living this ideal.

Our first story, about Jaipur Rugs, features a company that trans- formed its industry and the lives of 40,000 women and their families, while making consistently superior profits. If this can happen in an impoverished rural area in India, then imagine what can be accomplished in the United States and other prosperous societies.

If you work in an industry or organization that is not healing, then you may wish to explore the stories of companies that underwent profound transformations from hurting to healing such as DTE Energy, Appletree Answers, and FIFCO.

If you are already part of a company with a conscious, positive culture but you want new ideas and inspiration on how to evolve further, then you may wish to start with stories of companies that have discovered innovative ways to heal their stakeholders, such as Menlo Innovations, Union Square Hospitality Group, and KIND Snacks.

Maybe you’re already familiar with and inspired by some of these Healing Organizations and you want to understand the principles and practices that they all have in common? In that case, you may want to begin with Part 3. You can even start with the epilogue and begin your journey through this book by taking the Healing Oath on the last page.

If you are curious about the historical, psychological, and philosophical underpinnings of capitalism and you want to understand how we have reached our current inflection point — where business can and must take the lead in helping to save the world—then you’ll want to begin with Part 1.

This isn’t a book about corporate social responsibility or why it’s nice to have a wellness program, and it isn’t about checking a few boxes on environmental stewardship or finding more humane tactics to squeeze out more profit; rather, it’s about a mind-blowing, heart-opening, world-changing rethinking of business. We make the big picture case for this new paradigm in Part 1.

Wherever you begin, and in whatever order you read, you’ll get the most from the book if you keep a journal or notebook and jot down the ideas as they inspire you. You will also benefit from sharing the ideas, insights, and examples with friends and colleagues, as they offer a desperately needed sense of hope and optimism. As you share hope and optimism, these qualities will strengthen within you.

Order "The Healing Organization" for everyone in your organization!
Order "The Healing Organization" for everyone in your organization!



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